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Новая химически стойкая противоскользящая лента H3443 Safety Grip


There are many areas used where exposure to chemicals is a possibility. We decided to combat this by producing chemical resistant anti-slip tape.

In certain applications, there is a requirement for a non-slip tape with higher chemical resistance levels. All of our anti-slip tapes have high levels of chemical resistance, we always supply the utmost quality, we send our conventional materials for testing at external laboratories to ensure that the veracity cannot be in doubt. For certain situations there might be a need for something to have high levels of resistance to certain chemicals and especially mixes of chemicals that soak the anti-slip surface, i.e. there is no drying, the product is constantly exposed. For applications as mentioned earlier, we developed H3443. H3443 Chemical Resistant safety-grip has a different composition, the minerals are held in place with an exclusive and unique coating, the coating effectively repels almost all chemicals that could be experienced in commercial environments. H3443 chemical resistant anti-slip tape is, at present, produced in black. We can, based on attained quantities, produce any colour. When applied H3443 looks exactly the same as H3401 standard safety grip, the appearance is indistinguishable. Samples can be sent on request.

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